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Types of Boats

Plastic / polyethylene boats:

VYDRA (vy)
sporty canoe for 2 people

    Length: 445 cm
    Width: 80 cm
    Weight: 38 kg
    Max.load: 300 kg
    People: 2

Czech made polyethylene canoes offer perfect qualities. Sporty canoes are recommended for several-day tours. 2 (max 3) waterproof barrels can be placed in the canoe. This sporty canoe is not recommended to those who are complete beginners or not quite skilful and who intend to go boating just for a couple of hours.

tourist canoe for 2 or 3 people

    Length: 465 cm
    Width: 93 cm
    Weight: 40 kg
    Max.load: 350 kg
    People: 3

Tourist canoe GATZ compared to sporty canoe Vydra is a little longer, wider and has flat bottom, which makes it a more stable and thus suitable for beginners. Canoe GATZ are two- or three-seated canoes. It is suitable pro 2 adults and 1 child (up to the age of 10-11). The three-seat canoe is not recommended for 3 adults. Such overload makes it insecure and difficult to handle.

KAYAK (kj)
single-seated, for one person only

    Length: 295 cm
    Width: 63 cm
    Weight: 15 kg
    Max.load: 120 kg
    People: 1

Polyethylene kayaks are single-seated boats which require at least minimum paddling skills. We do not recommend these boats to real beginners. Paddling a kayak on the river (in the stream) is a little bit different to paddling on lakes!
Kayaks are rented with two-sided paddles, with a helmet and a spraydeck.

Inflatable / Rafting Boats:

On the Vltava river between Vyšší Brod and Boršov we can hardly speak of „real“ rafting since this river is neither white nor rough enough. But these light ruber&textile boats offer comfort, stability and easy handling to its users. Even a real beginner may handle a rafting boat on the Vltava river. Paddles serve to steering rather than pushing the raft forward. Most of the paddlers prefer letting the stream do its job.

inflatable canoe / raft for 2 people

    Length: 380 cm
    Width: 90 cm
    Weight: 20 kg
    Max.load: 240 kg
    People: 2

inflatable canoe / raft for 2 adults + 1 child

    Length: 410 cm
    Width: 105 cm
    Weight: 23 kg
    Max.load: 350 kg
    People: 2+1

inflatable boat / raft for 3-4 people

    Length: 360 cm
    Width: 160 cm
    Weight: 28 kg
    Max.load: 500 kg
    People: 3-4

inflatable boat / raft for 5-6 people

    Length: 450 cm
    Width: 160 cm
    Weight: 38 kg
    Max.load: 600 kg
    People: 5-6

inflatable boat / raft for 5-6 people

    Length: 400 cm
    Width: 175 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Max.load: 700 kg
    People: 5-6


The rent price includes paddles as well. We hire renowned “Profiplast” and “TNP” paddles of different lengths. These paddles consist of dural pole and PVC blade. Special paddles for kids are at disposal as well.

Containers / Barrels:

Attention: the containers are water-resistant, not water-proof. That means it keeps your sfuff dry, but do not plunge them in the river for long. It is advisable to put your stuff in plastic bags.

    Height: 50 cm
    Diameter of lid: 30 cm
    Capacity: 50 litrů
    for plastic canoes


  • Plastic / polyethylene boats are insured against the damage (insurance fee is included in the price). This insurance covers damages caused by common wear and tear only!

  • Inflatable (rubber&textile) boats are also insured against common damage, but in case of an accident you will be charged "repair fee" (a part of the repair costs). To prevent any damage on inflatable boats: do not hit sharp stones or trees/branches; when you are not on water, do not leave boats in the sunlight, keep them in the shade.

  • Damaged boats may be replaced in any of our Ingetour stations free of charge, replacing at any other place the client pays for the transportation.

  • Boats & equipment are not insured against lost or theft! You may use our fre-of-charge "safe-keeping service" at any of our Ingetour stations.

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