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Canoes and Rafts
on the Vltava River

Hello there, welcome to the Ingetour web site!

Are you into canoeing, rafting and kayaking or do you just want to give it a try? Well, then check out what we´ve got for you... We´re the biggest boat rental operating on the Vltava river. There are seven of our stations plus five camp sites [among others] to ease your boating trip ”adventure” as you go down the Vltava river. It is all up to you whether you like to spend just one or more days on the river...

To help you maximize your comfort, we provide free parking for your cars as well. Of course, we can take you back to your car or you can park it at the finishing point from where we take you to the start by our bus. Your baggage will not miss out on our care either – if you want us to, we can transport it to the station of your choice.

Before you start your trip you will always be well informed by our staff in terms of what to expect while you are on the river [weirs etc.] and how to handle the boat [canoe – raft; kayaks are meant to be rented just to those who have some previous experience]. Transport for the boats is included.

The moment you hire our boat, you are provided with the proper equipment too [paddles, life jackets and waterproof bags – to keep your stuff dry].

That is about it and now just choose the part of the river you want to go down boating.



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