you can start and finish your trip at any of our Ingetour offices.

  you can make a short few-hour trip. Transportation of people is included.

  you can also spend several days on the river. Usual (recommended) itinerary:

  day 1: Vyšší Brod -> Nahořany, ca 20km, 4-5 hours
  day 2: Nahořany -> Český Krumlov, ca 13km, 3 hours
  day 3: Český Krumlov -> Zlatá Koruna, ca 17km, 4-5 hours
  day 4: Zlatá Koruna -> Boršov, ca 20km, 4-5 hours

Description of recommended tours

1. Vyssi Brod - Rozmberk (1,5-2 hours / 10 km / 3 weirs)

A great leg of the Vltava river! The water flow is safe and lively at the same time.

You will be facing 3 weirs while boating down. The first one comes after about 800 m – it is a great fun for rafting inflatable boats. We recommend to cary the plasstic canoes or kayaks around on the left bank. The second weir is in Herbertov – about 4 km from the start. All boats can pass the weir using a wooden slide close to the right river bank. The last weir is in Rozmberk under the mighty castle. All boats can use the narrow river gate on the righ side. About 400m after this weir you come to the end of the trip - a small Ingetour campsite "Pod Jezem".

2. Vyssi Brod - Nahorany (4-5 hours / 20 km / 3 weirs)

The firts half of the trip is the same as the trip no. 1 above. If you have enough time you may visit the castle in Rozmberk. The rest of the journey will take about 2–3 hours and there will be no more weirs. The end of the trip is in our campsite in Nahorany on the left river bank.

3. Cesky Krumlov - Zlata koruna (4-5 hours / 17 km / 5 weirs)

This is a very popular tour, well known for its romantic features. It starts in our campsite Vltavan in Nove Spoli and runs through UNESCO listed town of Cesky Krumlov. You will come across five weirs on the way – four of them in Cesky Krumlov and the fifth one right before the end of the tour in Zlata Koruna.

Once you leave the town of Cesky Krumlov, the remaining part offers numerous meanders running through romantic valley lined by rocks. There are quite a lot occasions to stop and have a drink or something to eat at river bistro.

There is still the last weir in Zlata Koruna ahead of you. Go through it on the very left side and keep close to this bank – the get-off point follows right after the coming bridge in the Zlata Koruna camp site. Our station is situated in the same place – just look for yellow sings showing the Ingetour logo and name. You are supposed to grab the boat yourselves and bring it up to our [fenced] station. Or at least come to ask us for assistance :-] Please never leave the boat/s unattended – that way you avoid theft.

4. Zlata Koruna - Borsov - ca 5 hours - 20 km - 2 weirs

This leg of the river runs through forests and meadows. Starting in Zlata Koruna, you pass the Divci Kamen ruins [a traditional place of interest for hikers] after 9 km. Take a break here if you like. It takes about 15 minutes walking to reach the ruin. It is definitely worth seeing – the view of the river being just a cherry on top of the cake. The first expected weir comes about 2.5 km before the finish. No need to be worried – it is just a wavelet. The second one is a different story – DO NOT go through! This one is impassable. Stop your boat well ahead of the weir and transfer it. Now you are just a stone throw from the finish – recognizable by the railway bridge. Stop on the right side just behind the bridge. Our staff will be expecting you.

Again: You can leave your car here at the beginning and we take you up the river to the starting point.

5. Lenora - Soumarsky most - ca 1,5 hour - 6 km - no weirs

This romantic trace goes through the National park Czech forest. The most popular is its riding down with canoe. This trace is practicable most of the year. It is not suitable for beginners in spring, when snow is melting.

This trace you can plan as half-day only. You can use our baggage transportation.

6. Soumarsky Most - Pekna - ca 4 hours - 16,5 km - no weirs

To enter this leg of the river you need permission from the Sumava National Park. Please submit your registration at:

Imagine romantic and untouched nature plus just little signs of civilization – that is what you are going to get. The only chance to grab some refreshment is in Soumarsky most. Make sure you have got at least something to drink to go on the following four hours up to the finish in Pekna – about 1 km beyond the bridge. Our transport arrives to collect you right to this place.

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