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Travel lightly-loaded on the river - have your baggage (personal stuff, tents, sleeping bags,...) transported. Take just necessray items to the boat.

  • baggage transportation service cannot be reserved in advance, it is arranged on the spot when you rent the boats
  • this service is not included in the price of the boats
  • we transport baggage fron June to September only! In May it may by ordered individualy for individual prices
  • baggage up to 15kg per person


CZK 30 per person (per 1 pc of baggage)
This price applies to transportation among Ingetoru stations or campsites.

For transportation to other camps or places we usually charge additional fee CZK 300 per group.


  • use Ingetour campsites or stations - baggage is under the sight of our staff.
  • take personal documents, money and/or valuables on the boat.
  • take some spare dry clothes on boat (in the containers), you might wait a bit for your baggage.
  • do not load fragile items for transportation (bottles, notebooks,...)
  • do not load musical instruments for transportation (guitars, pianos,...)
  • we do not transport firewood, cartoons or barrels with alcohol
  • we do not / cannot transport gas cartouches !!!
  • in case of any dammage to your baggage we refund up to max CZK 1.000
  • Phone: +420 775 748 800 || Email: